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Open toe shoes were banned as impractical and unsafe

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  Knit wear was also a cheap way to enhance a wardrobe and fine wool and pretty lace patterns became fashionable. Even some garments used the military style with breast pockets or belts and small collars. and extending around the hips were very fashionable.

  After the war women were ready for a change, tired of much tailored garments.

  It was not only womens clothing that were restricted but mens clothing also. Many specialised patterns were developed such as the balaclava helmet with ear flaps for the use in telephone operations or the mittens with a separate forefinger for firing a trigger in the cold.

  Skirts were straight with a kick pleat or gently flared and hemlines were 18 inches from the ground, just below the knee.

  Undergarments at the end of the 1940s were made into two separate pieces, the bra and the girdle. To add detail to the garments imaginative placement of pockets or buttons were used. Many were also dressed in lounge suits with broad shoulders, wide trousers belted high at the abdomen.

  The shoes that were worn were chunky and solid with wedges or low 2 heels.

  Peplums with are a flounce or short, flared flap attached at the waist of a dress, blouse, coat, etc. This meant that clothes were made with a minimum of fabric, few pleats and no trimmings. There was a restriction on the number of pockets, a maximum length for shirts and a ban on turn ups for mens trousers. Men in civilian clothing became less formal, with many opting for open necked shirts, pullovers and cord trousers.

  To demonstrate that these limitations didnt necessarily signal the end to style and fashion, Londons top fashion designers were asked by the Board of Trade to create a year round collection. In 1947, Christian Dior introduced the New Look, featuring longer lengths and fuller skirts. This tailored and slim line silhouette, with pronounced shoulders and nipped in waists became standard wartime look.

  Men s shoes adhered to the usual formula of hard wearing Oxfords or Brogued lace ups. The use of many yards of fabric in garments was now seen as lavish and opulent.

 Open toe shoes were banned as impractical and unsafe. Collars were cut generously full. The focus of the collection was on line and cut, which create a elegant and simple look.

  During the 1940s most men were military uniform. A line skirts were ruihengtextile topped with soft, feminine blouses. These changes in fashion create a soft, feminine and romantic image. Skirt hems, necklines and waists had ruffles. After World War II, wire was introduced into bras and nylon stockings were back on the market

This boot is improvised to enable better and efficient kicking

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  Wearing shoes for martial arts is highly recommended for the new and budding martial arts enthusiasts. These shoes also help one to remove excess calories, very useful when one is using martial arts as a fitness regimen.

  The main feature of using shoes for martial arts is that they come without laces and so do not impair movement and thus are prone to fewer accidents caused by entanglement.

  The Martial Arts KungFu Slipper: Another fine example of shoes for martial arts is the KungFu Slipper. It comes with tow grips inside the boot. Let us check the kinds of shoes available for such enthusiasts:

  The Ninjitsu Tabi Boot: This is a very special boot made for the art of practicing the Ninjitsu Tabi and does not even look like footwear. This boot is improvised to enable better and efficient kicking and will give you an edge over other martial art sportsmen. It looks more like a bedroom slipper and is a deceit in itself.

  The soles are also specially designed so that you get a good grip on your feet and enable you to spin on your feet efficiently. Since the sports are starkly different, the demands on limbs are also different. Many martial arts enthusiasts are also seen practicing bare foot, but this practice could be dangerous and may result in injuries. While Mesh Fabric bare foot practice benefits better due to strength training and the natural feel, it is only advised after you reach a particular skill level. This boot is also used to practice Ninjitsu and its allied martial arts.Every sport has its own demand from a human body. Made with simple yet strong fabric, these shoes are very comfortable and you could find many people using them as casual wear without understanding their functionality entirely, especially in Asian countries. The KungFu Slippers are easy to clean you could wash them with hand or just toss them into the washer. This is a very special form of footwear and helps the practitioner to maintain body temperature during KungFu practice. Thus shoes to play soccer or basketball are different from shoes for martial arts. Spinning is a part and parcel of martial arts unlike any other sport and thus using shoes for martial arts is an advantage to martial art enthusiasts. Whether it is the hands that are involved or the feet, it is a requirement that one should use the right kind of accessories while practicing their favorite sport.

  Shoes for martial arts are specially designed so that they take the shape of your foot during practice. Shoes for martial arts are highly recommended for beginners and are designed to give better ergonomic comfort and safety to the ones wearing them. Also, shoes specially created for martial arts are padded at the right places so that you can use the optimum force in your kicks and thus enhance your art rather than impair it. Therefore, it is not only recommended but compulsory that proper shoes for martial arts should be used while practicing the same

By following the instruction manual

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By following the instruction manual, which was provided by the manufacturer, you should be able to understand how the individual machine works, its troubleshooting options and how to detect a problem. With little time to spare, a sewing machine can do repairs within home textile minutes. The speed at which a job can be completed is extremely appealing to the person on the go. The internet is a terrific source for information and a local store is a wonderful outlet for viewing various models in person.

Generally, some obvious signs of a problem would be the sewing machine overheating, incorrect stitching or frequent stops or dragging while attempting to use the product. Today, most hand sewn items are very expensive and that is because they are so rare., then a basic sewing machine will probably work fine for your purpose. Clothing designers, both professional and amateur, also find great uses for sewing machines to increase their product line. If you plan on making general clothing repairs, such as fixing tears, mending holes, hemming pants, etc.

If you are unable to diagnose the problem using the owner's manual, check the back of the book to see if there is a telephone number for the manufacturers customer service. You can purchase sewing machines almost anywhere, including retail stores, online shops and specialty craft centers. Selection of a sewing machine is the most important decision. Through the years, more and more people began to look for an easier approach to sewing and that is where sewing machines come in. Many homemakers use these time savers to mend problem areas in clothing or to create their own designs as a hobby. If there is a warranty on the machine, make sure that you have it handy when making the call. Rather than spending hours, days and weeks sewing one garment by hand, designers are able to spend more time designing and less time sewing thanks to the convenience of sewing machines. Sewing machines are used by individuals, as well as businesses. The efficiency of sewing machines are one of their best selling points.Years ago, many of our ancestors spent many hours hand sewing clothes, quilts and other home accessories.

Businesses use sewing machines to increase the production of clothing and other accessories, while minimizing the cost to consumers. Gone are the days when, to sew a quilt, hours of time and fingers full of pin holes were the only way to finish a product. It is important to keep your sewing machine operating properly, which includes regular maintenance and immediate repair of any problems. The unit that you purchase should ultimately reflect the type of work that you intend to do. Hand sewn items take much more labor, and involve much more cost, than a modern machine-stitched garment. If you intend to sew quilts, design clothing or produce large quantities, a more advanced machine with a variety of options will likely suit you better than a basic flocking model. If a problem cannot be fixed, the entire unit may require shipment to the manufacturer where it can be repaired on site

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